Changes are a good thing!

Due to recent cancellations and fall being such a busy busy time of year for photos. I am now charging a deposit, due 2 weeks prior to your session. I have had cancellations when i’ve driven as far as 30+ miles and waited in my car for an hour. While I completely understand that things do happen and you do have to cancel things every once in a while, I hope you understand my reasoning for this change. This will help me know who is a serious client and also help me know what dates I have open for those who are more of a last minute planner. Every time I have a cancellation, it could have been another session with another family wanting pictures last minute. Fall is a very busy time of year for not only a photographer, but who doesn’t want those beautiful fall photos!?

Every session will require a deposit at time of booking. This will be 20% of your total session fee and will not be refundable. You can pay this via and that does not require an account. All session deposits can be sent my paypal at

Again, thank you for understanding this change. I truly appreciate each and every one of my clients and you all are like family to me.  I hate turning people away because we are booked up. Hopefully this will help!

Much Love,
Chynne Sue