Jack & Emily | Maternity Session | 02-03-2015

This session was every photographers dream. Beautiful weather for the beginning of February and snow on the trees. Who could have asked for a better day right? Emily and Jack were great. They were full of big smiles. Who wouldn’t be. They were expecting their first baby. I say baby because they chose not to find out the sex till he/she was born. So exciting right! I love how this whole session went. Happy couple, beautiful weather, and the cutest baby bump i’ve seen. I could not wait for them to finally welcome their bundle of joy into the world. I’m glad we did these photos when we did. Emily gave birth to her beautiful baby girl a week after this session! They named her Olivia Grace. A newborn session to follow. :)

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Amber | SHS Senior 2015 | 01-21-2015

When Amber’s mom first contacted me for senior photos she had discussed the fact that Amber wanted some done at the bowling alley! First of all, I’ve never shot at a bowling alley before so I was so excited! We started our shoot at the bowling alley and then I talked with Amber about what else she was looking for in her senior photos. She wanted water, of course it was only like 30 degrees outside so all the lakes and such were frozen over. I told her it would still be really fun because not everyone has winter senior photos. They’d be unique! We also found some tall grass and some various other things for our session. :) I love me an adventurous senior!


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Kenzlee | 01-11-2015

Little Kenzlee does NOT like her picture taken. I had to work for these. She made sure I was on my A game that’s for sure. Although she was one of the more difficult ones to photograph, she was a sweetheart. She likes phones so of course we pretended she was calling her boyfriend even though daddy didn’t approve. Haha :)

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Adalyn | 10 days new | 12-21-2014

Little Adalyn’s mom contacted me after her little sweetheart was born. We got the session in as soon as we could. Adalyn was 10 days old and somewhat refused to sleep, but she did pose for me all on her own. I’d say it’s safe to say this little one likes her picture taken. I can’t wait to see her again for her cake smash session! :)

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