Chris & McKenna | 06-22-14 | Shenandoah, IA family photographer

Stephanie originally contacted me about a father’s day present to her husband. A photoshoot with his daughter. How awesome, right? He was more than excited. It’s those excited clients that I live for. Chris was so excited to get some pictures with his daughter McKenna and what better place than his own field and corn crib?! It was a photographers dream. In the middle of the country at sunset after a storm rolled through. A gorgeous corn crib, a big corn field that dad was proud of, and the cutest father/daughter duo ever. They had so many of their own ideas and listened to mine as well. We started off shooting by the barn (or the corn crib is the correct term) and he said he could go get his tractor. He pulled up in a big green John Deere tractor! So much fun! We shot with the tractor and then he even went into the corn field. So unique and so fun! I think the photos tell the story the best.   mckenna1





Khloe is 6 Months | Shenandoah, IA Children Photographer | 05-28-2014

Khloe turned 6 months! I could hardly wait to see her little face. Since she started to sit up on her own and play a little more we just put her in her room and shot away. She played with her toys, filled the camera full of smiles, and showed us what she’s learned. We decided we’d add mom in a few outdoors too this time. Don’t they just radiate beautiful-ness! What a great family. Can’t believe we’re already halfway to her cake smash already.   khloe1   khloe2 khloe3 khloe4

The Graham Grandchildren | 4-19-2014

Where do I even start? Well, the day started off photographing two brothers. Cole & Jake. I’ve photographed these two boys once before. They are complete hams and so handsome! We got some good brother shots.. With them running and being kids. Then everyone else showed up! That’s when we added Lilly and Clay to the photo taking fun. Of course Lilly wasn’t up for pictures at all, but we did manage at least a few times. Then their was Clay. He was high-fiving me and full of smiles. I loved capturing all the different personalities of such cute little kids. Here was our day.


Meet Cole, Jake, Clay, & Lilly... These are the grandchildren of the Graham family!

Meet Cole, Jake, Clay, & Lilly… These are the grandchildren of the Graham family!

Some were shy and some were just not up for pictures.

Some were shy and some were just not up for pictures.

Brothers Cole & Jake. They were hams!

Brothers Cole & Jake. They were hams!

One day they'll realize how cute they were. Hehe.

One day they’ll realize how cute they were. Hehe.

Absolutely love these kids.

Absolutely love these kids.

I may be biased though. They're all family.

I may be biased though. They’re all family.

My fiance's family has the cutest little darlings and as I edited these, I could feel that our kids one day will be this cute!

My fiance’s family has the cutest little darlings and as I edited these, I could feel that our kids one day will be this cute!

April 2014 | Personal Blog Post

I try to make a few personal blog posts as well and these are from April of this year. :)

april2014We hung out at the lake all night with our pup and some ducks who kept stealing the spotlight.

april20143All this spring weather makes me want to get out and shoot flowers!

april20144Who wants a session in front of that tree? It’s gorgeous!

april20145Love macro styled shots. I just feel like they scream beauty.

Jacelynn & Kylee | Omaha, NE Children Photography | 03-30-2014

I had so much fun with this shoot. Factor number 1 that made it so awesome, was the weather. It was GORGEOUS outside! Factor number 2, these two lovely little girls were my models, and last but definitly not least, factor number 3, this location was perfect. The lighting was just spectacular. Jacelynn and Kylee are always fun to photograph. I’ve photographed them both since they were just infants. Jacelynn is 2 1/2 and Kylee is 7 months in these photos. How do you get the both of them to look at the camera you ask? Well, you don’t. As hard as you try, it just doesn’t happen. Although, I’m sure with a little persuasion and constantly taking pictures of them, one day they will learn to like the camera…. I hope. :)  Perfectly posed pictures aren’t always the best. I like natural photos that capture their personalities or how they are on a daily basis. Those pictures you can look back and say, Oh I miss those days when he/she wouldn’t look at the camera. I like to call this documenting YOUR life. :)

This day started out we meant at their house and they followed me to Elmwood Park in Omaha. We drove around the park looking for the perfect locations to shoot. We started in the grotto where we shot just a little bit and then decided we wanted the sunlight and grass that was starting to turn green in the photos as well. We found a little spot with the beautiful backlight from the sun  and began to shoot some more. We ended up with the best lighting we could have asked for. It was so cute watching Jacelynn and Kylee interact with each other. Every photo of them together Kylee was either looking up at her sister or trying to grab ahold of her. Every photo truly showed the bond that they will someday have. Kylee looks up to her big sister and we caught it on camera! :)



I’m so behind!

I have been neglecting this website, a little too much. I think it’s about time i’ve updated you all on what we’ve been up to! Of course it’s not exactly super warm here (Iowa) yet and I haven’t been doing a whole lot of shooting, but I have done a few that just deserve the spotlight. So this is what i’m going to show you today…

This little girl turned 3. Jersie was on my last blog post with Christmas pictures, but who could help not to share these too!? She loved the candy store. What kid wouldn’t? Right… Well we walked around, checked things out and occasionally posed for a picture. She just had the cutest poses. Just perfect for a 3 year old. Made my job quite easy. We had lollipops, pure sugar, chocolate, you name it. A little girls dream! She’ll definitly have something to look back on someday.

IMG_0442 copyIMG_0448 copy IMG_0458 copy IMG_0477 copy



Then their was Mr. Dominick. It got up to the 60′s and we all know that this photographer cannot sit at home and watch the weather be so gorgeous and not be shooting anything… SO I offered a quick last minute mini shoot and this was the lucky little fellow I got to meet. Mr. Dominick. Although their were no smiles and possibly thought his photographer was a little weird, he made the CUTEST pictures. Such a handsome little guy. He had just turned 7 months old. Just starting to sit up and what better place to be than the park. You can see the dream in his eyes in each picture that he wishes he were running around this place.

IMG_1417 3 IMG_1441 IMG_1456

Katie & Jersie | 12-09-13

One of the cutest little 2 year olds i’ve photographed yet. She wasn’t 100% into having her picture taken the whole time but she did actually listen and pose how I asked her to. It was adorable! When her mom said she’d never had Christmas pictures done before, I knew it had to be a fun one. Even in figid temperatures we still posed.. at least a little. By the last part of the shoot we got the bright idea to ask the hotel across the street to shoot in front of their fireplace and christmas tree. That was so nice of the hotel to let us, too! Considering it was freezing outside, I am so glad I had such brave clients! Little Jersie was such a hoot. I just loved her little outfit and her little personality to match each photograph. She was stunning. Then, of course, we put mom in a few! Too bad dad couldn’t join us too. Hopefully in the near future we’ll get some with dad too! =)

jersie jersie01