Jack & Emily | Maternity Session | 02-03-2015

This session was every photographers dream. Beautiful weather for the beginning of February and snow on the trees. Who could have asked for a better day right? Emily and Jack were great. They were full of big smiles. Who wouldn’t be. They were expecting their first baby. I say baby because they chose not to find out the sex till he/she was born. So exciting right! I love how this whole session went. Happy couple, beautiful weather, and the cutest baby bump i’ve seen. I could not wait for them to finally welcome their bundle of joy into the world. I’m glad we did these photos when we did. Emily gave birth to her beautiful baby girl a week after this session! They named her Olivia Grace. A newborn session to follow. :)

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Kinney Family | 11-01-2014

We planned our photoshoot for fall. Although the trees weren’t as pretty as they were a week prior I think we still managed to rock out some great family and couples photos! We started with little Aayliah. She was a little shy at first, but she followed directions so well. She also liked to smile just when I put my camera down to try talking to her to get her to smile. :) We then did family photos with her dad and her while we waited for Courtney and Andy to get there for couples photos. We did a little of everything that day and the weather was perfect. Just another reason why I love fall so much!







Buick Family | 10-26-2014

I’ve photographed this family for 3 years now. Their son Tyson has grown so much. Still hates having his picture done, but we finally got some really good ones of him. It might have been my craziness though that got him laughing. It’s hard to tell. 😉 I found the perfect dirt road for their photos. She wanted country and I thought this was perfect. Cute little barn, gorgeous scenery, & gorgeous faces.


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The Byers Family | 10-26-2014

The Byers family wanted one huge family portrait. Of course it was hard to get everyone together at the same time. When we finally did, their family was nothing short of real. From posing deer antlers to their dog being in the image. Even doing most of the photos in their own back yard. Perfect yard for some unique photos. After we ran out of ideas there we all got in a car and went to Pierce Creek where we found fall colors and some nature-y scenes. Even though some didn’t want their pictures taken, they did end up with some great family portraits that they will cherish for years to come.


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The Miller Family | 10-19-2014

I haven’t photographed many families with older kids. This was almost a first. It was weird not having to chase a little one around. I enjoyed every minute don’t get me wrong. Haha! We met at Pierce Creek and shot away for an hour in all the gorgeous fall colors right at golden hour. Absolutely perfect location for fall photos. I am so glad I found it!

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Shipp Family | 10-11-2014

I got the chance to meet this wonderful family. Mom, Dad, their 2 sons, and grandma! They were such a fun bunch! They meant me at Rapp Park in Shenandoah for a fun family session. We took a more lifestyle approach to this session. Thought it’d be more fun of the boys being themselves. Of course we got some great shots of them running and laughing. The best part of life, right? Such a great family. We dodged the sun and found a walking path surrounded by the lake. Made for the perfect early evening session.




I’m not sure what dad was doing behind me in this one but those boys were cracking up!