Jacelynn & Kylee | Omaha, NE Children Photography | 03-30-2014

I had so much fun with this shoot. Factor number 1 that made it so awesome, was the weather. It was GORGEOUS outside! Factor number 2, these two lovely little girls were my models, and last but definitly not least, factor number 3, this location was perfect. The lighting was just spectacular. Jacelynn and Kylee are always fun to photograph. I’ve photographed them both since they were just infants. Jacelynn is 2 1/2 and Kylee is 7 months in these photos. How do you get the both of them to look at the camera you ask? Well, you don’t. As hard as you try, it just doesn’t happen. Although, I’m sure with a little persuasion and constantly taking pictures of them, one day they will learn to like the camera…. I hope. :) ¬†Perfectly posed pictures aren’t always the best. I like natural photos that capture their personalities or how they are on a daily basis. Those pictures you can look back and say, Oh I miss those days when he/she wouldn’t look at the camera. I like to call this documenting YOUR life. :)

This day started out we meant at their house and they followed me to Elmwood Park in Omaha. We drove around the park looking for the perfect locations to shoot. We started in the grotto where we shot just a little bit and then decided we wanted the sunlight and grass that was starting to turn green in the photos as well. We found a little spot with the beautiful backlight from the sun  and began to shoot some more. We ended up with the best lighting we could have asked for. It was so cute watching Jacelynn and Kylee interact with each other. Every photo of them together Kylee was either looking up at her sister or trying to grab ahold of her. Every photo truly showed the bond that they will someday have. Kylee looks up to her big sister and we caught it on camera! :)